Are you looking for investment opportunities in Ghana? Are you an investor or entrepreneur seeking to participate in the growing Ghanaian economy by establishing a business or access market opportunities for consulting, equipment supply, construction etc? The 2018 budget highlights 10 key projects and opportunities for investors to participate in Ghana.

The Government of Ghana presented the 2019 budget in November on the theme, “A Stronger Economy for Jobs and Prosperity”. The budget at a glance projects Government’s expectation of raising a total revenue of Ghs 58.9 billion while spending some GHs 73.4 billion. Overall real Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”) growth is targeted at 7.6% with end-period inflation at 8.0%.

Firmus Advisory has identified some investment opportunities in the budget through policy initiatives that focuses on building a more dynamic and stronger economy by accelerating economic growth, modernising agriculture, industrialising society and protecting the vulnerable to create jobs and prosperity for the Ghanaian people.

Key Investment Opportunities;

Rehabilitation and Construction of Roads

In 2019, government will undertake 11,100km, 25,000km and 6,500km of routine maintenance activities on trunk, feeder and urban road networks, respectively. In addition, periodic maintenance activities will be undertaken on 55km, 500km, 400km which includes spot improvement, re-gravelling, resealing, asphaltic overlaying, partial reconstruction, and bridge maintenance on trunk, feeder and urban roads, respectively.  In addition, minor rehabilitation works on 5km of trunk roads, 450km of feeder roads and 60km will be undertaken on urban roads. It will also implement an electronic tolling of roads to improve revenue generation into the Road Fund.

Rehabilitation of the Tema Port

In order to decongest the Tema Port and to facilitate transit trade especially to landlocked countries, a Strategic Investor will be engaged in 2019 to partner Government to develop an Inland Port at Boankra. In addition, Government will engage a Strategic Investor to upgrade the facility for ship repairs and refitting, shipbuilding, aluminium and steel fabrication as well as metal and general engineering services.

Construction of Coastal Protection

In 2019, the Ministry will commence coastal protection works on Amanful Kumah, Dansoman Phase II, Komenda, Anomabo, Cape Coast, Mensah Guinea, Ningo Prampram, New  Takoradi  Phase  III  (Elmina),  Apam,  Kokrobite,  Bortianor, Blekusu  Phase  II,  Aboadze Shama  Phase  II,  Maritime  University,  Nungua, Takoradi, Anyanui and Essipong.

Construction of small-scale dams and irrigation facilities

Designs  for  rehabilitation  of  Sankana  (UWR),  Tanoso  (BAR), Kpando Torkor, (VR) Amate (ER), Libga and Golinga (NR) as well as 12 small dams   under   the   One Village One Dam   programme   are   completed   and construction  will  start  in  2019. In addition, designs for 180 dugouts are also completed   for   construction   under   the   remit   of   the   Ministry   of   Special Development Initiatives. To increase access to water for crop and animal watering, a 100ha land will be put under irrigation through surface water abstraction with solar water pumps while 200 boreholes mounted with solar water pumps will be drilled throughout the country to harness groundwater.

Rehabilitation and Construction of hatcheries to support aquaculture

In  2019,  two  public  hatcheries  at  Sankana  and  Dormaa Ahenkro  will  be rehabilitated,  and  three additional  ones  constructed  at  Asankragua,  Sefwi Wiawso and Nkawie to support aquaculture operators with fingerlings to increase fish production. The Ministry will also partner the private sector to build a National Aquaculture Centre at Shama for learning fish farming.

Establishment of storage facilities for agricultural produce

In 2019, Government will construct additional 30 new warehouses (1,000mt capacity each) equipped with seed cleaners, dryers and weighing scales to minimize losses along the supply chain. This is under government’s warehouse construction initiative, and opportunities exist for investors and businesses to provide various services under this scheme.

Government will also establish two facilities worth US$216 million for the importation of farm machinery and equipment suitable for smallholders in 2019.  The machinery and equipment for land preparation, planting, harvesting and primary processing  will  be  used  to  revive  the  168  existing  Agricultural  Mechanization Services Centres (AMSECs).


In 2019, the Ministry will roll out the BSTEM programme in 7,000 basic schools across  the country;  construct  10  STEM  Centres;  initiate  the  development  of knowledge  cloud  to  make  educational  materials  content  accessible  to  all;  and provide  multimedia  laboratories  as  well  as  internet  connectivity  to  cover  many more schools.

Establishment of training schools for skills enhancement

In   2019, a set   of   10,000 entrepreneurs  will  be  trained  and  financial  support  provided  to  about  2,000 beneficiaries under the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan (NEIP).

Job Creation

In  2019,  the  Ministry  in  collaboration  with  the  private  sector  will establish 25,000ha  of  forest  plantation,  maintain  an  estimated  40,288ha  of established  plantations  and  restore  2,500ha  of  degraded  landscape  including mining  sites  and  illegal  farms  in  forestry reserves. In addition, 13.3million seedlings will be procured and supplied. These are expected to create 32,250 jobs.

Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones

Under the “One Region, One Park” initiative, the Ministry of Trade, the Ghana Free Zones Authority and Ghana Investment Promotion Centre are supporting private investors in the establishment of Industrial Park infrastructure.  This includes facilitating access to land, providing off site infrastructural facilities, and promoting the Parks to potential anchor tenants and industries from around the world. In addition to the existing industrial parks, Government will, in 2019, seek Public Private Partnership investment to develop selected Industrial Park projects.  This includes the proposed new Greater Kumasi Industrial City and Special  Economic  Zone,  which  covers  a  landmass  of  5,000  acres  and  will incorporate the Inland Port at Boankra.

Provision of health facilities

Construction of the following new infrastructural projects will commence in 2019: one district hospital and five polyclinics in Western region at Akontombra,   Bogoso,   Wassa   Dunkwa,   Mpoho,   Elubo   and   Nsuaem; and expansion and equipping of facilities at Aburi, Kyebi, Atibie and Mampong. This is an opportunity for investors to partner government to construct above listed health facilities.

How to access these investment opportunities

A lot more information is required if you are to take advantage of any of these investment opportunities. The budget by itself offers no information on the timelines for execution of these projects and in some instances, the project owner or responsible MDA is not clearly defined.

Going forward, we recommend the following guidelines;

  1. Investors should first identify the project owner or responsible Ministry, Department or Agency of Government that will be undertaking the project.
  2. Once the project owner has been established, it is important for you to also seek clarity on the funding for the project; whether it is a Government of Ghana or external funded project (Common Fund, GetFund, IGF, World Bank, Donor Funded etc)
  3. For planning purposes, investors must inquire on the timelines for publication of tender advert and seek additional information on the project location, specifications and type of tender (national or international competitive bidding) among others.
  4. Once clarity has been obtained on the above factors, you can commence planning, market research or any other preparatory activity as you wait for the tender process to commence.
  5. Avoid unofficial dealings with people and any form of upfront payment in lieu of the contract or project.


The 2019 Budget Statement provides great investment opportunities and hope for the future for both investors and Ghanaians through the construction of roads, small-scale dams and warehouses, provision of health care facilities, training and skills development, distribution of agriculture mechanization equipment among others. We look forward to an exciting economic year.

We look forward to an exciting year!