How to Replace a GIPC Automatic Quota in Ghana


An immigrant quota work permit is an authorization for a foreign national to seek or accept employment. Unless an immigrant quota work permit is issued, such employment is not permitted. Under the GIPC Act, every company registered with the Centre is entitled to an initial automatic immigrant quota for a specific number of expatriate employees depending on its paid–up capital.

How Many GIPC quotas do I qualify for?

Section 30 of the GIPC Act 1994 (Act 478) provides as follows:

  • Every enterprise with a paid up capital of US$50,000 but less than US$ 250,000 or its equivalent in cedis is entitled to an initial automatic maximum immigrant quota of one person.
  • Every enterprise with a paid up capital of US$250,000.00 but less than US$500,000.00 or its equivalent in cedis is entitled to an initial automatic maximum immigrant quota of two persons.
  • Every enterprise with a paid up capital of US$500,000.00 but less than US$700,000.00 or its equivalent in Cedis is entitled to an initial automatic maximum immigrant quota of 3 persons.
  • Every enterprise with a paid up capital of US$700,000 or more or its equivalent in cedis is entitled to an initial automatic maximum immigrant quota of 4 persons

Why should a GIPC quota be replaced?

A GIPC Quota may be replaced when the expatriate employee occupying that quota, resigns from the company or dies. In such a scenario, the employer may replace him or her with another employee by applying to GIPC with details of the new employee.

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What are the requirements for GIPC automatic quota replacement

An application for immigrant quota in respect of an investment in Ghana must be submitted to the GIPC with the following documents;

  1. An application letter
  2. Passport Bio data of the new expatriate employee
  3. Resume of the new expatriate employee
  4. Copy of employment contract for the new expatriate employee
  5. Bio data of the former employee
  6. Confirmation of Departure from Ghana Immigration Service/ Death certificate (if he died) or evidence of new permit with new employer (if he/she has changed work)
  7. Payment of the GIPC Official fees – GH¢ 3,150

NOTE:  In the case where the person to be replaced has stopped working for the company and travelled out of the country, the company would have to write a letter (Confirmation of Departure) addressed to the Comptroller-General of Ghana Immigration Service at the Kotoka International Airport. The applicant must state in the letter the year or possibly the date the person left the country. After a successful processing, GIS will issue a letter to confirm the departure of the person. The official fee of this letter is ¢100.  Applicant must add the passport bio data page of the person who has left together with the application letter. Also, the exit stamp inside the person’s passport is required to apply for confirmation of departure. Where the expat is still in Ghana but has changed employer, they are required to show evidence of new permit with the new employer.

After submission of all the above documents, the Centre will review the application and once approved, a quota letter will be issued by the Centre to the employee which will be sent to Ghana Immigration Service to apply for the residence permit. It takes about four weeks for processing of the automatic quota replacement application.

The next stage will be to present the following documents to the Ghana Immigration Service for the quota residence permit to be finally issued.

  • Letter of application for residence permit from company
  • Official fee of $300
  • Business Registration Documents – certificate of incorporation, certificate of commencement of business, company regulations, form 3&4 (for companies in the old system) or Certificate of incorporation, form 3 and Constitution (for companies in the new system)
  • Completed residence permit form
  • 2 recent passport size pictures(recent means taken not more than 6 months)
  • GIPC quota approval letter
  • Resume
  • Police report from country of origin
  • Medical report from Ghana Immigration Service
  • Employment contract
  • Copy of non-citizen ID card

Automatic quota replacement is enjoyed by companies that have met their minimum capital requirement with Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and possess a valid GIPC Certificate. According to GIPC Act 865, a company already registered with GIPC is required to renew its registration every two years. Moreover, unlike work and residence permit which is issued for a period of one year and subject to renewal yearly, immigrant quota is normally for permanent or long-term staff.

How long does it take to do a GIPC automatic quota replacement

The process normally takes 3 – 4 weeks for Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and the Ghana Immigration Service to process automatic quota replacements.

What is the cost for replacing GIPC automatic quota?

The following are the costs involved in GIPC quota replacement for a new expatriate employee;

  • GIPC Automatic Immigrant Quota fee – GH¢3,150 per person
  • Ghana Immigration fee for quota residence permit – US$ 300
  • Non-Citizen ID Card – US$120
  • Medical Screening at the Ghana Immigration Service – US$250

What is the difference between GIPC Automatic Quota and Work/Residence Permit from Ghana Immigration?

Issued for permanent staffIssued for short-term workers
Approval letter issued by GIPC in favour of expatriateApproval letter issued by GIS
Renewal of GIPC quota is effected directly at Ghana ImmigrationTo renew work permit, fresh application forms have to be completed and submitted for consideration.
ISSUING AUTHORITYGhana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC)Ghana Immigration Service (GIS)



AVERAGING  PROCESSING  TIME3 to 4 weeks for new applications.

1 week for the renewal of quota residence permit.

3 weeks for new applications and renewals
LIMITMaximum number of quotas any company can have is 4 persons, depending on the company’s level of investmentNo limit. A company has to justify the need and GIS will consider the application on its merits.



Replacing a GIPC quota is not stressful and does not take long period to do so. Applicants must ensure that documents for the process are valid to avoid delay in the process.



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