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Where to find business support for your new business in Ghana

What are business support organisations? Business support organisations (BSOs) aim to assist business owners in starting, growing, and advancing. They are organisations that provide services such as business planning and advice, networking opportunities, training and development, access to funding, advocacy and representation, and business incubators to boost entrepreneurship and economic…
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What Are Ghanaians Spending On? Import Trends and Insights for a New Market Entrant in 2023

Ghana is actively participating in the retail boom experienced across Africa. Ghanaians spending and consumption have increased over the last few years attributed somewhat to the growing middle class with greater spending power. This has created several investment opportunities in Ghana for both local manufacturing and trading. To take advantage…
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Established a little over a decade ago, Firmus Advisory Limited, is an international consulting and advisory firm, providing a one-stop shop for Business Regulatory Compliance, Market Research, and Trade Development services. Firmus Advisory is headquartered in Accra, Ghana, and proudly announces its presence in the renowned country Nigeria. Overview of…
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Starting a Business in Ghana

Africa provides a wide range of investment opportunities for business people. One of the best destinations in Africa to start a business is in Ghana.  Ghana offers very good business opportunities and a conducive social and economic environment for investors around the world.  Starting a business in Ghana is a…
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